The Company

Defiant Sheep Inc. is a professional video production company based in London, Canada that offers premium luxury videos for exceptional individuals and companies across Canada. You will get high-end quality and peace of mind that comes with top-of-the-industry image and sound quality along with creative storytelling.


At Defiant Sheep, we do three things:

We find other defiant sheep – those individuals, groups, or companies among us who defy the odds and do exceptional things.

We showcase their inspiring stories through video in hopes that others too will find greatness within themselves.

We build a community of like-minded individuals who can positively affect the world.

Core Values

Be Positive. Be Playful. Be Transparent. Be Authentic.
: If you ever catch us not living our values, call us on it. We want the feedback.

Meet the Team!

Ben Durham

Filmmaker | CEO

As cinematographer, editor, and chief technical wizard, Ben Durham brings a full complement of hard and soft skills to the company.  Even though he is a graduate of Fanshawe College’s Interactive Media Design program, that’s not what makes him great at what he does.   Learn More

Almost everything he knows has been self taught. He has years of experience in front of and behind the camera and has the technical know-how to make the best use of online resources, web pages, and camera gear.  His boundless energy and easygoing manner endear him to everyone he meets.

Ben, it seems, was born defiant. By six months of age, he had already shown signs that he wasn’t going to be easy to raise. As a youth, he was never one to colour inside the lines, follow directions, or do what he was told. A natural leader, Ben encourages others to resist mediocrity, forge their own path, and find their inner greatness.


Lawrence Durham

Scriptwriter | Operations Manager

As writer, organizer, and producer, Lawrence Durham brings a different skill set to the company. Endlessly curious, with a lifetime spent developing superior organizational and analytical skills, he provides a steady hand at the tiller in operational matters.   Learn More

As the main scriptwriter, his particular talent for distilling the essence of a story allows Defiant Sheep videos to move along quickly, pull at heartstrings, and tickle the intellect.

Lawrence admits to having followed a sheeplike obedient path for over three decades and to not having availed himself of earlier opportunities to express himself artistically. Determined to change all that and to help others express their hidden skills, he passionately works with Ben to build the Defiant Sheep online community through videos and other web-based tools.

Jessica Noble

Filmmaker | Photographer

As a graduate of Sheridan College’s 4-year degree program in Photography, Jessica Noble is our go-to person for behind-the-scenes and still photography. Proficient in Premiere Pro, Photoshop, and Lightroom editing systems, she edits all our videos into final form. Learn More

Ever the team player, she enjoys planning, problem-solving, and being thrown into new situations.

If given the choice, she’ll often choose the risky move, the adventurous route, or the last minute option. Creative, rebellious, and spontaneous all at the same time, Jess enjoys travelling and doing new things. She loves the outdoors and has camped across Canada from coast to coast with family and friends. Back from a trip to China, she is ready to settle down now and satisfy her creative side, spearheading new projects, working through the logistics, and planning out the details. Fun loving, with a ready laugh, Jess always encourages others with her positive attitude.


When the Camera’s on Us