Our First Blog!

Well, this is going to be fun! My first blog post ever and I’m really excited about it. Can you tell?
Before we get underway, let me introduce myself. My name is Lawrence. 
In October, I started a video production company with my son, Ben.

Since Ben and I have never been in business before, we knew we were going to goof things up from time to time. To try to prevent this, we did a lot of planning before we even registered our company. But eventually, we came to the point where we knew that we had to stop planning and get going. We adopted the attitude of “Let’s just launch the rocket first and then paint it on the way up!

Now you might ask, how did we decide to go into the video production business in the first place?
Well, it all started with Ben’s interest in cameras and video production when he was a teenager. He started posting
videos on YouTube when he was 16, check it out!

Then, when he was 18, he went to Africa to film a documentary. Later, he did aerial photography and filmed professional basketball games, corporate videos, and wedding videos.

By age 22, he earned a diploma in Interactive Media Design from Fanshawe College in London, Canada. Then he took a job as a video editor at a large manufacturing firm, based here in London.

Of course, as anyone who knows Ben would have guessed, he wasn’t satisfied with his “day job”. Creatively, he wasn’t being challenged. Working for someone else didn’t suit him either. And so he decided to quit his job last summer and start his own business, with me as his partner.

Since Ben and I have different skill sets, we tend to complement each other quite nicely. I like writing and the organizing things, whereas he is the technical wizard. For the most part, we get along just fine.

OK, sometimes we don’t get along that well… haha

Our goal as content creators is to combine our respective skills to tell great stories that warm the heart, stir the emotions, and tickle the intellect. We hope you enjoy our work. Let us know what you think in the comment section below.


Until next time!

Lawrence Durham
Defiant Sheep Inc.

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